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Consumer Electronics > Audio > Professional Audio > Modules > AviomAN-16/I-EBInput Module 16 Channel with 16 Euroblock Connectors (AN16IEB, AN 16/I EB)
Aviom AN-16/I-EB Input Module 16 Channel with 16 Euroblock Connectors (AN16IEB, AN 16/I EB)
AviomAN-16/I-EBInput Module 16 Channel with 16 Euroblock Connectors (AN16IEB, AN 16/I EB)
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AviomAN-16/I-EBInput Module 16 Channel with 16 Euroblock Connectors; A/D Conversion: 48kHz sample rate, 24 bit, Frequency Response: 4Hz-22kHz, A-Net Output: 1, Category 5 (RJ45 connector),A-Net Expansion: 1, Category 5 (RJ45 connector),Gain Switch: Four Position; -10dBV, 0dBu, +4dBu and +22dBu,Channel LED Indicators: Signal Present and Clip (per channel),Impedance, line inputs: 48 kohms, Power: 18-24 VDC, 500mA.

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Marketing Information The AN-16/i-EB converts sixteen line-level analog audio channels into uncompressed, full bandwidth 24-bit digital data transmitted via Aviom's proprietary A-Net protocol. A dedicated audio Thru is available for each input channel, allowing the AN-16/i-EB Input Module to be inserted into an existing audio signal path.

The AN-16/i-EB has sixteen balanced Euroblock audio inputs.

AN-16/i-EB Output Modules can be connected with Cat-5 cable to any of Aviom's Personal Mixer products, including the A-16II, the rack-mounted A-16R, or the original A-16 to create a monitor system. Its A-Net Out can optionally be connected to the A-16D or A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor for easy digital signal distribution in a monitor system.

Digital Snakes
When coupled with the AN-16/o-EB Output Module, the AN-16/i-EB and AN-16/o-EB create a powerful digital snake and audio network, capable of transferring up to 64 channels of high quality 24-bit audio digitally over standard, inexpensive Cat-5 cables. But, unlike a traditional analog audio snake, the AN-Series of products allows you to expand audio distribution at both ends of the snake to suit a variety of audio distribution requirements. It's a snake, it's an infinite splitter, and more.

On the front panel, the AN-16/i-EB has a four-position Input Level switch (+22, +4, 0dBu, and -10dBv), stereo channel link switches, as well as signal present and clip LEDs.

The rear panel of the AN-16/i-EB has a single row of Euroblock jacks for analog audio Input and Thru. The standard AN-16/i has two rows of sixteen 1/4" TRS jacks that provide the same functions.

For system-wide digital network connections, there is an A-Net Out jack and an A-Net Expansion jack. The A-Net Expansion jack allows up to four AN-16/i-EB and AN-16/o-EB units to be combined to create a 32-channel snake that uses only one Cat-5 cable. The modular system is easily reconfigured at a moment's notice.

By adding the optional AN-16SB System Bridge, up to 64 channels of audio can be transferred over a single Cat-5 cable in a variety of digital snake configurations.

Euroblock Versions
Euroblock connectors are a type of terminal block connector favored by system installers and integrators for their ease of use. Each of the AN-Series products contains sixteen Euroblock connectors on the rear panel.
The two-part plug and socket design of the Euroblock connector simplifies wiring and installation. This allows virtually any type of audio connector, patch bay, etc., to be connected to the Euroblock AN-Series models.

No soldering is necessary; wire is inserted into slots in a Euroblock plug connector and tightened in place with a screwdriver. The plug snaps into place into one of the sixteen sockets on the rear panel. Each AN-Series Euroblock unit comes complete with everything needed to install the product.

Features & Benefits

  • Sixteen balanced Euroblock audio inputs
  • A-Net Out and A-Net Expansion network connections (Cat-5)
  • Stereo Link switches for each channel pair
  • Four-position gain switches (+22, +4, 0, -10dB)
  • 1U rack enclosure
  • Can be used as an input module for the Pro16 Monitor Mixing System
  • Analog-to-digital front end for the Pro16 Monitor Mixing System or Digital Snake
  • Euroblock version can be connected to XLR, TT, or multi-pin panels as needed


  • A/D Conversion: 48kHz sample rate, 24 bit
  • Frequency Response: 4Hz-22kHz
  • A-Net Output: 1, Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
  • A-Net Expansion: 1, Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
  • Gain Switch: Four Position; -10dBV, 0dBu, +4dBu and +22dBu
  • Channel LED Indicators: Signal Present and Clip (per channel)
  • Impedance, line inputs: 48 kohms
  • Power: 18-24 VDC, 500mA
  • Size: 19" wide x 6.7" deep x 1.75"high (1U)
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.


*This item is BRAND NEW - not refurbished. It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty.

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