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Electronics > Electronic Instruments > Multimeters > Protek 608 Hanheld Multimeter, 50,000 Count, Advanced DMM with RS-232 Interface (608, PROTEK-608, PROTEK608)
Protek 608 Hanheld Multimeter, 50,000 Count, Advanced DMM with RS-232 Interface (608, PROTEK-608, PROTEK608)
Protek 608 Hanheld Multimeter, 50,000 Count, Advanced DMM with RS-232 Interface (608, PROTEK-608, PROTEK608)


Brand: Protek

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Protek 608 Hanheld Multimeter, 50,000 Count, Advanced DMM with RS-232 Interface; DC Volts: Ranges 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V; Best Resolution 100V; Accuracy 0.05% + 5d; mV DC: Ranges 500 mV to 2500mV; Best Resolution 10V; Accuracy 0.05% + 5d; AC and (AC+DC) mV: Ranges 500mV; Best Resolution 10V; Accuracy AC mV: 0.75% + 20d; (AC + DC) mV: 1.5% + 50d; AC Bandwidth 50Hz to 20KHz.

General Information



Manufacturer Part Number


Product Line

Product Name 608
  • DC accuracy 0.05%
  • Low voltage Ohms measurement and conductance
  • Auto and software calibration
  • Dual back-lit display and K type thermocouple
  • Measures duty cycle, pulse width and conductance
  • Compare function for go-no go testing
  • Peak detection for capturing high speed signals
  • Binary bit expression bar graph
  • AC and AC + DC true RMS AC voltage and current measurements
  • Auto/manual ranging
  • Test zener diodes up to 20 volts
  • Min/Max/Avg relative modes
  • Memory store and recall
  • Fuse protected current ranges
  • Cat II 600V and CE approved


DC Volts
Ranges 5V, 50V, 500V, 1000V
Best Resolution 100V
Accuracy 0.05% + 5d
Ranges 500 mV to 2500mV
Best Resolution 10V
Accuracy 0.05% + 5d
AC and (AC+DC) mV
Ranges 500mV
Best Resolution 10V
Accuracy AC mV: 0.75% + 20d
(AC + DC) mV: 1.5% + 50d
AC Bandwidth 50Hz to 20KHz
AC and (AC+DC) Volts
Ranges 5V, 50V, 500V, 750V
Best Resolution 100V
Accuracy AC Volt: 0.75% + 20d
(AC + DC) Volts: 2.0% + 50d
Crest Factor Sine wave: 1.414
Ranges 5000A, 500mA, 10 Amps
Best Resolution 0.1A
Accuracy 0.2% + 5d
Ranges 5000A, 500mA, 10A
Best Resolution 0.1A
Accuracy AC Amps: 0.75% + 20d, 50Hz to 1KHz
(AC + DC) Amps: 1.5% + 50d, DC to 1KHz
(50 Ohm range is 5,000 count)
Ranges 50W, 5KW, 50KW, 500KW, 5MW, 50MW
Best Resolution 10mW
Accuracy 0.2% + 5d
Lo Ohms (All ranges are 5,000 count)
Ranges 5KW, 50KW, 500KW; 5MW, 50MW
Best Resolution 1W
Accuracy 0.5% + 5d
(5,000 count)
Range 500nS
Resolution 0.1nS
Accuracy 3% + 5d
(All ranges are 5,000 count)
Ranges 5nF, 50nF, 500nF, 5F, 50F, 500F, 5000F
Best Resolution 1pF
Accuracy 2% + 5d
Zener Diode Test
Range 25.0V Approx.
Accuracy 5% + 10d
Test 15V to 22V
Ranges 5KW, 50KW, 500KW, 5MW
Buzzer Will sound at < 0.1% of full scale of each range
Ranges -20 to 1200C, -4 to 2100F, 253 to 1423K
Display C, F, K
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy 2C
0 to 150C: 3C
(50Hz & 500Hz ranges are 5,000 count)
Ranges 50Hz, 500Hz, 50KHz, 500KHz, 5MHz
Best Resolution 0.01Hz
Input Sensitivity 2V RMS
Accuracy 0.01% + 5d
Pulse Width
Range 200.01ms
Best Resolution 10 s
Accuracy 0.1% + 5d
Duty Cycle
Range 0 to 100%
Resolution 0.01%
Accuracy 0.1% + 5d
Peak Hold
Accuracy 10% of peak for a duration of > 5mS
Operating System Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000
Update Rates 2/s
RS-232 Output Medium Infrared
Operating Temperature 0 to 40C at 80% relative humidity
Power 9 Volt battery @ 36 hours of continuous operation
Size 8.0" H 3.7" W 1.7" D (without holster)
Weight 15 oz
Standard Accessories Manual, Protective holster, Safety probes, Temperature adapter and Probe, RS-232 cable, CD ROM


*This item is BRAND NEW - not refurbished. It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty.

*** DISCLAIMERS: Some information on this page may have been supplied by 3rd Party Content Suppliers, so we are not responsible for Data or Image errors. Availability is not guaranteed: Call or email us to check stock before placing your order. We do not offer Installation, Training or Technical Support on this product.***

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