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Consumer Electronics > Video > DVD Recorders > Pioneer DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder/Player with Hard Disc Record and TiVo (DVR810HS, DVR 810H S)
Pioneer DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder/Player with Hard Disc Record and TiVo (DVR810HS, DVR 810H S)
Pioneer DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder/Player with Hard Disc Record and TiVo (DVR810HS, DVR 810H S)
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Pioneer DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder/Player with Hard Disc Record and TiVo (DVR810HS, DVR 810H S)

Pioneer DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder/Player with Hard Disc Record and TiVo. 4 Automated Record Modes; DCDi by Faroudja; Hard Disc Drive 80GB Digitally Record up to 80 Hours of Your Favorite Shows; Playback with Recording; Title and Chapter Erase Title (Hard Drive); TiVo Basic Service Upgradeable to TiVo Plus Service; Twin Wave Laser Pickup; VBR (Variable Bit Rate) Recording; VCR Plus 

General Information



Manufacturer Part Number


Product Line

DVD Recorder/Player

Product Name

DVR-810H-S DVD Recorder/Player with Hard Disc Record and TiVo

Marketing Information
The amazing DVR-810H is a videophile’s dream: TiVo service, an 80GB hard drive, next-generation viewing and recording features... and the list continues. This machine will forever change how you find, watch, and record video.

TiVo Service: The DVR-810H comes with the revolutionary TiVo BasicTM Service included, with no startup cost or monthly fees. Pioneer is the world’s first company to offer this powerful combination. Setup is very simple, and finding and scheduling your favorite shows is a breeze.

80GB Hard Drive: With the built-in 80GB hard drive you can record up to 80 hours of material—off the air, cable, or satellite, or your home movies—for short-term storage and viewing. You can actually control live TV: pause it, reverse it, play it in slow motion. You can even watch a recorded program from the beginning, while the recorder simultaneously finishes the recording. With the DVR-810H, there’s just no going back to the old way of watching TV.

DVD Recording: And those shows and other content you want to keep for a longer period of time? Burn them onto a DVD-R (permanent; can’t be erased) or DVD–RW (can be erased/written over many times). The DVR-810H features up to 18x record speed, so you’ll be able to dub a 1-hour program to DVD in basic EP quality mode in just over 3 minutes. (DVR Version 2.0 4X Media.) You can even record content to the hard drive while dubbing different content from the hard drive to a DVD. It’s fast and easy, and the content remains in a digital state throughout, so the quality level is very high.

Sophisticated Video Circuitry: The DVR-810H features PureCinema 2:3 Progressive Scan for a more film-like presentation when watching movies; a 9-bit/27MHz video DAC for a truly superior picture; Faroudja Directional Correlation De-interlacing, or DCDi™, for a smoother, more natural picture; and a sophisticated noise reduction circuit which can achieve an amazing 6-10dB of noise reduction.

Superior Audio Features: The DVR-810H also features Dolby Digital and DTS Digital surround sound outputs, plus CD and MP3 compatibility.

Features & Benefits

  • DVD player and recorder
  • Records to DVD-R and DVD-RW formats
  • 80GB hard drive stores up to 102 hours
  • Electronic programming guide and TiVo
  • 10x speed transfer: hard drive to DVD-R
  • Faroudja DCDi picture optimization
  • Progressive scan video output
  • Component video output
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • 9-bit / 27MHz video D/A converter

DVD Features

  • DVD Recording: 
The Pioneer DVR-810H can record on both DVD-R (record once) and DVD-RW (rewritable) discs. Only programs in the Now Playing list can be copied to a DVD. The Now Playing list can contain content recorded from live TV or from a component connected to the A/V inputs. The Now Playing list is stored on the internal 80GB hard drive. After the content has been copied to the hard drive, it can be transferred to a DVD. The DVR-810H features up to 18x record speed (when using a 4X blank disc), so you'll be able to dub a 1-hour program to DVD in basic EP quality mode in just over 3 minutes.
Note: You cannot record copy-protected video including DVD-Video discs and some satellite broadcasts.
  • Video D/A Converter: 
This unit uses a 27MHz/9-bit video digital-to-analog converter.
  • Progressive Scan Output with Faroudja's DCDi: 
This unit has a progressive scan output featuring Faroudja's patented Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi). This technology applies new motion adaptive deinterlacing that prevents the introduction of motion artifacts and jagged edges from video signals that originated from video cameras (such as with sporting events, live camera feeds and music videos). The result is a sharper, noise-free picture with finer details. Video images are displayed with optimum naturalness and color reproduction with less flicker and fewer motion artifacts than traditional interlaced scanned pictures.
  • Audio D/A Converter: 
The DVR-810H has a 96kHz/24-bit audio digital-to-analog converter for superb audio reproduction.
  • Digital Audio Output Capabilities: 
You can select a sampling frequency output setting of "96 kHz to 48 kHz" or "96 kHz". When set to "96 kHz to 48 kHz", the audio signals are always converted to 48 kHz/16-bit. When set to "96 kHz", all types of signals, including 96 kHz/24-bit, are output in their original format. However, if the signal is encrypted for copyright protection purposes, the signal is only output as 48 kHz/16-bit.
  • MP3 Playback: 
The DVR-810H will play CD-R and CD-RW discs containing MP3 audio files recorded in ISO 9660 Level 1/Level 2, Romeo or Joliet formats. MP3 files with a compression rate from 32-320 kbps are supported.
  • Dynamic Range Compression: 
This function reduces a Dolby Digital soundtrack's dynamic range so you can hear quieter dialogue without being overwhelmed by loud sections. You can turn Dynamic Range Compression on or off.
  • 3D Noise Reduction: 
If the output is set to progressive, this feature allows you to reduce the amount of noise in the video signal.
  • Parental Lock Function: 
You can select a parental control rating from 0-8, which is protected by a 4-digit password.

Hard Disk Recorder Features

  • Overview: 
In addition to the progressive-scan DVD player/recorder, the DVR-810H features an 80GB TiVo Series2 hard disk recorder.
  • TiVo Basic Service: 
The DVR-810H includes built-in TiVo Basic Service, allowing you to enjoy basic TiVo features right out of the box, with no subscription fees. TiVo Basic Service allows you to control live TV and record programs on a specific channel at a specific time, much like a VCR. TiVo Basic Service also includes an on-screen interactive program guide that provides up to 3 days of information on your favorite upcoming programs.
Note: If you have two program sources connected to this unit, you must upgrade to TiVo Plus service to use them with full TiVo functionality. For example, if you have a system that feeds satellite and antenna signals, satellite and cable signals (without a cable box), or satellite and cable signals (with a cable box) to this unit, you must upgrade to TiVo Plus service to use them with full TiVo functionality. TiVo Basic Service will not provide program guide info for two sources.
  • TiVo Plus Service: 
At any time, you can upgrade to full TiVo functionality by subscribing to TiVo Plus Service. TiVo Plus brings you the following features:
  • Season Pass Recordings: 
allows you to automatically record every episode of your favorite series, all season long, even if the schedule changes
  • WishList Searches: 
allows you to find and record programs by actor, director, sports team, etc.
  • Search by Title: 
allows you to browse for shows by title, filter by genre (like "Comedy"), and more
Interactive 14-Day Program Guide: allows you to instantly schedule recordings from an on-screen guide that includes detailed show summaries, ratings, etc.
  • More Smart Features: 
TiVo Plus skips reruns, tracks schedule changes, and more
  • TiVo Central: 
Almost everything you do with the TiVo service will start in TiVo Central; you can set up recordings, watch programs, read messages from the TiVo service, and access special Showcases featuring entertaining and informative video.
  • Status Bar: 
When you use playback functions, a status bar appears indicating the position of the program you are currently in.
  • Channel Banner: 
Whenever you watch a live or pre-recorded show, a channel banner will momentarily display program information. You can choose from the following versions of the channel banner: Small (current time and channel), Medium (adds the title, running time, and rating), or Large (adds program description and icon).
  • Recording a Live Program: 
You can always record the program you're watching by pressing the record button. Up to 30 minutes of programming from the current channel is always being saved, even when you are not recording a program.
  • Now Playing: 
Now Playing lists all the programs stored on the DVR-810H. As soon as a recording begins, it appears at the top of the list. You can watch any title in Now Playing, even one that is still being recorded.
  • Pick Programs to Record: 
With TiVo Basic Service, you can schedule a manual recording on a specific channel at a specific time (just as you would with a VCR). You can also program a recording to repeat every week, every day, or every weekday.
  • To Do List: 
The To Do List shows all your scheduled recordings and lets you cancel or edit them.
  • Messages: 
This list contains messages from the TiVo service and alerts from the unit itself.
  • Parental Controls: 
You can use TV Parental Controls to set limits on television and movie ratings for any programs in live TV or Now Playing, and to lock specific channels so that a password is required to view them. You can use DVD Parental Controls to set limits on movie ratings for DVDs.
  • Daily Phone Call: 
To receive the latest programming information and software upgrades, the DVR-810H will automatically make a daily phone call. This call typically takes about 5-10 minutes, and often occurs late at night. In most areas, there is a local access number. In areas where there is not a local access number, a long distance call is required for each update, and you will be billed for long distance calling. You can also use the Internet for updates. To accomplish this, you must connect the DVR-810H to a home network that includes a shared broadband Internet connection.
  • Video Recording Quality: 
The DVR-810H lets you choose one of the following levels of video recording quality: Extreme (Fine), High (SP), Medium (LP), or Basic (EP).


  • Hard Disc Drive 80GB: Digitally Record up to 80 Hours of Your Favorite Shows *1

  • DVD-R/RW Recorder For Archiving from Hard Drive to DVD

  • TiVo Basic Service Upgradeable to TiVo Plus Service *2*4

  • Media Capability DVD-Video/DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD/CD-R/CD-RW

  • MP3# Compatible

  • Purecinema 2:3 Progressive Scan

  • Video DAC 9-bit/27MHz (10-bit/108MHz - Progressive Mode Only)

  • Audio DAC 16-bit/96MHz

  • Playback with Recording

  • 4 Automated Record Modes

  • VBR (Variable Bit Rate) Recording

  • VCR Plus

  • Advanced GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Twin Wave Laser Pickup

  • Outputs: Composite Video Output 2, Component Video Output (1), S-Video (2), Dolby Digital and DTS Digital, Composite Audio (2)

  • Inputs: Composite Video (2), S-Video (1), Composite Audio (2)




*This item is BRAND NEW - not refurbished. It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty.


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