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Policies, Terms & Conditions

Our Company has been in business since 1990. We value and appreciate our customers and are fair and reasonable. We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service with the hopes that our customers will come back and buy more.

You can call, email, mail, or fax us at:

    1221 Stirling Rd, Suite 102, Dania Beach, FL 33004, USA
    Tel: 305-652-0442      Fax: 305-675-6412

The following Policies, Terms and Conditions will be enforced and should be read thoroughly before purchases are made. We also recommend you read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) here: http://salestores.com/faqs.html

    a. Upon receipt of your order, we will check if the product is in our stock or if not in stock will contact our supplier(s) to confirm stock, product costs and shipping costs. We work hard to keep our web site updated, but if there has been a price increase or mistake in the cost of the product or in the shipping cost, we may cancel your order or may send you an email asking you if you want the product at the new price or with the new shipping cost.
    b. We reserve the right to accept, decline or cancel any order at any time without having to assign a reason to do so or give further explanation.  There are several possible reasons for this: Suspicion of Customer Credit Card Fraud, Territory Restriction by a Brand or a Supplier, etc.
    c. Our prices are subject to change without notice.
    d. Availability is not guaranteed.  We could have 1000 pcs of one item in stock or there might be 1000 pcs of the item in our suppliers stock and be all gone one minute before we receive your order.
    e. We don’t assume any responsibility for any errors contained on our website nor from orders arising from those errors.  Of course, we try hard not to make errors, but we are human and errors will happen.
    f. Your online order does not give you the right to demand we ship the product(s) ordered. Your online receipt or the receipt of the “acknowledgement of order” form automatically issued by our system does not confirm our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitutes confirmation of our offer to sell.
    g. Once an order is accepted, product will ship from our stock or will drop-ship directly from our manufacturers, importers, or master distributors stocks.
    h. We try to fulfill orders completely, but we reserve the right to fulfill orders partially without prior consent of the customer.
    i. All orders have to be approved by our Credit and Fraud Department. We may require further verification or additional information before accepting any order.   

    a. Our Company accepts payment with Cash, Bank Wire Transfer, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Cashiers checks, Money Orders, Company Checks, and Personal Checks are also accepted as means of payment, but we reserve the right to reject any of these if the transaction doesn’t get approved by our Credit Department. These should be sent along with a printout of your order to our address at the top of this page. In all cases, the product will not be shipped until the funds are totally cleared and are in our Company’s Bank Account, which can take 5-15 business days after receipt of payment.
    b. To start processing an order, we authorize your Card but will not charge it until the order is complete. We generally charge your Card once the products have shipped or are ready to be shipped. In some cases and depending on the product and the circumstances of the sale, we reserve the right to charge your Card prior to shipment. You will know that your card has been charged once you receive the invoice for your order. The invoice should not be confused with the automatic acknowledgement of the order receipt or order acceptance forms sent by our system prior to the actual invoicing.
    c. It is important to provide your correct Billing Address, which is the address where the Bank (Credit Card) mails the statement to you. Also provide the best phone number where you can be contacted. Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing your order.
    d. When shipping to an alternate address, the order will require approval by our Credit Department. We recommend that prior or immediately after placing your order, you call your Credit Card and tell them to write a note in your records regarding the alternate address you want to ship your order to.
    e. In the event a check from a customer is returned by our Bank due to insufficient funds or any other reason, it will incur in an automatic $50 returned check fee, and the check amount will incur in a 29% interest per year or the highest interest rate permissible by law, until paid in full.
    f. On orders being paid for by means other than credit card, availability of the product might change while your payment is in transit or funds are being cleared and our Company cannot reserve or guaranty continued availability.
    g. Orders over $5000 will require special approval by our Credit Department. If not approved, you will need to send a Bank Wire Transfer in advance for us to process the order.
    h. A Chargeback is the process initiated by our credit card processor when a customer disputes a charge made on his/her card. Our policies minimize the chances of your credit card being charged erroneously. In most cases we will charge your card once the order is processed and goods are ready to be shipped or already shipped. In addition, all of our customers have to read and acknowledge our policies terms and conditions prior to placing an order with us. Our system will not allow our customers to place an order otherwise. We do this in order to make sure you know how we intend to do business and what you should expect from us. If after reading and acknowledging our policies you still place your order, you are consenting to abide by these policies in all your dealings with us. Our policies are straight forward to minimize confusion and to ensure customer satisfaction.  Chargebacks damage our credit standing with our merchant processor, are very time consuming and a major inconvenience. If you have a concern or complaint regarding a credit card charge, you should contact our Customer Service Dept so we can help you resolve the issue.  If we receive a Chargeback from your order, at our discretion we will Invoice you $100. Unless we agree with the chargeback and either refund you or accept to be debited, we will consider it as an Unjustified Chargeback. We will email and/or mail the Invoice to you. If not paid within 30 days we will send the Invoice to a Collections Company.

    a. Our Company Exports to many countries. We do accept international orders, with a minimum order of $2,500 and paid in full and by Bank Wire Transfers in advance.
    b. We recommend using a Freight Forwarder, who will probably get a better shipping rate for you.
    c. Our website accepts orders to Canada. Make sure you chose the CANADA option at checkout (shipping options). Please be aware that in most cases there will be charges of Customs Duties and Customs Clearance that the Carrier (UPS, FedEx or Trucking Company) will collect from you before delivery. Our Company will not pay for any Duties or Customs Clearance expenses.

    a. Once you place an order and we accept it, we will ship either from our stock or from one of our Suppliers. We normally do not accept cancellations, but if you need to cancel you can call us and we will try to help you.
    b. We reserve the right to accept or decline a cancellation request.
    c. If you call and want to cancel the order before we have processed it in our system, in most cases we will be able cancel it. We usually try to process all orders as soon as possible, so, the earlier you call, will better the chance that your order has not been processed and can be cancelled.
    d. If you call and want to cancel the order after we have processed the order in our accounting system but the product has not shipped yet, provided that we can stop the shipment, we will cancel your order but you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee.
    e. Sometimes it is not simple or fast to get a cancellation confirmation from our suppliers, and even if the cancellation request comes before the product has shipped, by the time we receive a response from our supplier, the product might have shipped.
    f. If product has shipped no cancellation will be possible. And if you refuse delivery you will be liable for shipping costs (both ways) and full restocking fees will apply. Please refer to our Returns and Replacements Policy.
    g. If you email us a cancellation request, we will act according to the time we read it, not when you sent it. Also, we reserve the right to ignore cancellation requests received by email. Do not assume an order is cancelled only because you sent us a cancellation request by email.
    h. In case we cancel your order, a cancellation e-mail will be sent to you. If you do not receive the cancellation e-mail, please insist on obtaining a cancellation notice from us, to be confident that your order was indeed cancelled. Otherwise, the products might have shipped and your credit card charged. Once the product has shipped we can’t accept cancellations so the products are yours even if you reject the delivery.
    i. A cancellation email will clearly state that the order is cancelled. Any other email or communication that does not clearly state the order is cancelled is not considered a cancellation.
    j. Even if you emailed or called us before the products shipped, if we are unable to cancel the order and you refuse delivery you will be liable for shipping costs (both ways) and full restocking fees will apply. Please refer to our Returns and Replacements Policy.
    k.  If we cancel your order for any reason other than you requesting a cancellation, there will be no cancellation fee.

    a. We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays. In some cases, Saturday delivery can be arranged.
    b. We ship almost only with UPS.  Most of our Suppliers only ship with UPS or Fedex and not with US Postal Service. Therefore, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, or to APO or FPO addresses.
    c. Standard Ground Shipping can take from 1 to 8 business days to arrive from the day it ships, not counting the days it ships.
    d. Orders generally take two to five business days to process prior to shipping. There can be delays in our purchasing department waiting for our suppliers to confirm price and/or availability. Furthermore, once the orders are processed, we don't control our suppliers so sometimes they ship immediately and sometimes they take some extra time to ship.
    e. We cannot and do not guarantee shipping in any specific time frame. If you call us, we will give you an estimate to the best of our knowledge.
    f. Some items may be too large or too heavy to be shipped by the method you have chosen, or to your chosen destination. Oversized and heavyweight items can not be shipped via UPS or FedEx. Some items can only be shipped by trucking companies. In these instances shipping prices are subject to increase. If there is any change in the shipping cost, we will contact you before shipping and will only ship upon your approval.
    g. Our website only accepts orders shipped GROUND. If the unit ships with UPS or Fedex, we might or might not require signature upon delivery. If the unit ships by Motor Freight (Truck), the default shipment shipping charge is for "Dock to Dock" delivery to a Commercial Address. If you need liftgate (to lower products from truck to the floor), Residential delivery, Inside delivery, "White Glove" delivery, Call prior to shipment, Flights of Stairs, or any other Optional service, you must CALL US BEFORE placing your order to obtain a shipping quote. If a delivery is made and the shipment is refused because an optional service was not purchased, you will be responsible for freight charges back and forth and re-stocking fees. If you request a special service to the Carrier at the moment of delivery, then you will be liable for any expenses that the Carrier might invoice afterwards. Be aware that anything you ask from a Carrier can be considered a special service.
    h. We will not ship using your UPS or FedEx account, even if you request this in a note in the order.  Such a note will be disregarded.  

    a. Under no circumstances will we accept a return or replacement initiated after 21 days of the Invoice date. We will also not accept any returns that are received after 30 days of the Invoice date
    b. We reserve the right to accept or reject a return or replacement request, even if the product is defective upon receipt.  This is, among other reasons, because in many cases Manufacturers require that all exchanges or repair services are to be provided directly by them, the Manufacturers.
    c. If any of the products you ordered arrives via USPS, UPS or FEDEX and there is visible damage on the box, refuse delivery. This will make it easier for us to send you a replacement at no extra cost to you. If you accept delivery and then claim transport damage, you will need to wait for UPS, Fedex or USPS to inspect or pick up the box, accept the claim and pay us before we ship a replacement. If you need the product right away, you would need to place a new order and wait for UPS, Fedex or USPS to reimburse us so we can issue the refund to you of the original order.
    d. If the product you ordered arrives via truck, take your time to inspect it. Many truck drivers pressure customers to sign the documents quickly, but you have the right to take all the time needed to inspect the product thoroughly before signing. If you see signs of transport damage, refuse delivery. After the bill of lading is signed "free and clear" by you, it will be impossible to claim transport damage. Please note that even if you write a note about damage on the bill of lading or delivery document, there is no guarantee that the shipping company will accept a claim or that our supplier will accept a return or replacement. Therefore, please refuse delivery whenever there is obvious damage.
    e. Once you accept the package, please unwrap it with care and call us at once if the product looks defective, is not what you ordered, or was damaged during transport. In any of these cases if you need to return the product for replacement, you must return the product unopened. If you open the product, you will thereby void your right to return or replace the product. This means, for example, that if you receive an incorrect product, once you open it we will not be able to accept it back for return or replacement and you will be charged for the price of the product you received.
    f. It is important that you follow step by step, in detail and with care the setup instructions of the Manufacturer. When in doubt refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and if they do not help you contact them directly through their technical support phone number usually included in the instructions or by going to the manufacturer’s website.
    g. We do not offer setup or operational help on any product. Please do not call us for setup advice, since our customer service agents are not trained for that purpose and are not equipped in the setup of the tens of thousands of products and brands that we sell.
    h. If after contacting the manufacturer’s service center they determine that the product is not performing to specifications due to a factory defect, then contact us only if instructed by the manufacturer. In some cases the Manufacturer will take care of the replacement directly. We recommend this as this would be the fastest way to get your issue resolved.
    i. If a product arrives defective or damaged please contact us as soon as possible (preferably within 48 hrs of receipt). We will then contact our supplier and ask them for an RA# (Return Authorization). Once we receive the RA# we will email you instructions for the return of the product. You will need to cover the shipping cost of the defective or damaged unit and we will cover the cost of shipping the replacement to you.  Once the RA# is issued, you will have 15 calendar days to return the product.
    j. If you ship a product back to us or to our supplier, without the proper RA# (Return Authorization), no refund will be issued or replacement be sent. The returned product will still be yours. Please do not ship any product if you have not received an RA# and instructions.
    k. In any Return or Replacement that is accepted by our company, the product must be returned in the same condition as it was received. It should come packed in its original manufacturer's box, without writing anything or applying labels on the box. The box must include all the accessories, manuals, warranty card, packing materials and anything else included in the package when it was first received. Returns or Replacements will not be possible if either the box, packing materials, accessories, manuals or warranty card are missing.
    l. Please only UPS or FEDEX when returning any product to us, insure the shipment for the total amount including shipping costs, and email us the Tracking number.
    m. We will ship or have our supplier ship a replacement once the supplier receives the returned product, inspects it and accepts it. If we or our supplier rejects a product because it did not come in the original condition it was shipped or any part, accessory, paperwork or packing material is missing, the defective or damaged unit will be shipped back to you and you will be charged for the shipping expense.
    n. When a product is being replaced, no cancellation will be possible. If you refuse delivery, you will be liable for shipping costs (both ways) and full restocking fees will apply.     
    o. If returning the product for a refund, even if the product is defective upon receipt, you will be charged a re-stocking fee of 30% of the value of the product plus a $25 return processing fee. In other words, we will refund 70% of the value of the product minus the $25 return processing fee. No freight cost either way will be refunded. To be able to issue a credit and/or refund we will need to wait for our supplier to issue a credit to us. The process can take days or weeks so please be patient. We will not be responsible for any finance charges incurred by you while waiting for the refund. If you want to avoid the restocking fees, then a replacement is your best alternative.
    p. If you return a product because you don’t like it, doesn’t fit your needs or the product does not perform as advertised, it will still be subject to the restocking and return processing fees stated in the previous paragraph. We cannot be responsible for manufacturers' claims or product quality. you can call or write directly to the manufacturer about quality or other product issues.
    q. As a general rule we will not accept returns on “open box” items. Once opened, a product cannot be sold as new and loses a large part of its value. In the exceptional cases when we will accept returns of certain open box items, these returns will be subject to re-stocking fees that can range from (50% to 99% of the value of the product), depending on the market price of the product (as open box) at the time, and on the condition of the item when the item is received by us.
    r. If the product arrives in good condition and it malfunctions after some time or usage you will need to contact the Manufacturer directly for warranty information. The Manufacturer will instruct you to send the product to them or to one of their authorized repair centers.
    s. Due to the conditions set up by the manufacturers or their distributors, the following products are not returnable to, or replaceable by us under any circumstances:
- Any model or brand of Projector or TV replacement lamps or bulbs.
- Any model or Brand of Cash Registers.
- All Sony, Sanyo, Frigidaire, Ariston and Seaga products.
- All JVC, Toshiba & Sharp monitors or TV sets, CRT, LCD, LED or Plasma.
- All Panasonic Massage Chairs, Video Cameras, Other Video Products, Televisions, Air Conditioners and Ventilation Fans.
- All Projector Lenses.
- All Kenwood Radios.
- Any Brand of Extended Warranties or Extended Repair Service, including but not limited to: Warrantech, Repairmaster, CPS, Consumer Priority Service.

    a. If required by law, we will add Sales Tax to the order. Applicable sales tax will be charged on all orders to be delivered in the state on FLORIDA. The Sales Tax amount will be shown in the web order, if the SHIP TO address is in Florida.
    b. When shipping to certain other States, most importantly California but not excluding other states, some of our suppliers charge us Sales Tax. In those cases, although the web order will not show the tax, we will add the Sales Tax in the formal Sales Order, and will authorize the credit card for the original amount of the order plus the Sales Tax Percentage.

    a. New products carry Full Manufacturer’s Warranty.
    b. Refurbished products carry Full or Limited Warranty, either by the Manufacturer, by our Supplier, by a Third Party or by our Company. Please ask our Sales Dept for details before making your purchase.
    c. Issues arising from warranty issues must be taken up within directly with the manufacturers or providers of the warranty.
    d. Our Company will not be responsible for warranty in the event a manufacturer goes out of business or refuses to honor the warranty for any reason.

    a. Our Company does not offer price protection. If you place an order and later we reduce the price on our website, we will not adjust the original order to the new price.
    b. If before placing an order you find a price better for a specific product than what we offer it on our website, you can call and ask one of our Sales Rep if we can match or beat that price. We will do our best to serve you.
    c. If after placing an order you find a better price elsewhere, we will not match or beat the price.

    a. Most the products sold by our Company come with Full Manufacturer’s Warranty. In some cases, the warranties might be offered by our Suppliers or by Third Party warranty companies.
    b. Except as expressly stated herein, our Company makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind with respect to products sold on this site, included but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In other words, we do not claim or guarantee that the products you buy will fit your needs or will perform as the manufacturer states it will. Any complaint about the quality of a product must be directed to the Manufacturer. We reserve the right to accept or not accept a return when a product doesn’t fit your needs or doesn’t perform as you expected or as advertised by the Manufacturer.
    c. You agree that the sole and exclusive maximum liability to our Company arising from any product sold on our website shall be the price of the product ordered. In no event shall our Company be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages related to products sold.

Policies Version 3.1, 111110

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