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Sony PCM-R500 professional workhorse DAT for all general applications (PCMR500, PCM R500)
Sony PCM-R500 professional workhorse DAT for all general applications (PCMR500, PCM R500)
Sony PCM-R500 professional workhorse DAT for all general applications (PCMR500, PCM R500)
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Sony PCM-R500 professional workhorse DAT for all general applications (PCMR500, PCM R500)

Sony PCM-R500 professional workhorse DAT for all general applications. The PCM-R500 sports a wide range of interfaces, including balanced and unbalanced analogue, AES/EBU and coaxial digital IO and parallel remote. This makes it easy to interface the PCM-R500 into a range of settings, from the top end digital installation to semi-professional musicians equipment – saving time and money on buying ‘black box’ interface converters.

General Information



Manufacturer Part Number


Product Line

DAT Recorder

Product Name

PCM-R500 professional workhorse DAT

Marketing Information

Ideal for recording studios, post production, data storage and more. The transport mechanism provides four direct drive motors for an extremely stable tape path. Features a shuttle and jog dial for easy operation, both AES/EBU and SPDIF digital I/O, and +4 XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced analog I/O. Includes Super Bit Mapping (SBM) that allows better utilization of the 20-Bit convertors by noise shaping the dynamic range down to the standard 16-Bit dynamic range of the DAT format. Equipped with Auto Head Cleaning. Supplied with a remote control.

Features & Benefits

  • SBM function for higher sound quality
The PCM-R500/700 is equipped with SBM (Super Bit Mapping) allowing much of the improved sound quality of the high resolution converters to be recorded onto the standard 16 bit DAT media. The 24 bit signal is transformed into a 16 bit signal by the SBM circuitry and then treated to deliver a signal quality comparable to a resolution of 20 bits.
  • Wide range of interfacing
The PCM-R500/700 is fitted with both an AES/EBU digital interface, and an IEC958Type2 interface to allow connection in a wide range of digital environments. The reference level for the analogue inputs is adjustable within a range of -12dBu to +4dBu, with a maximum output level of 24dBu.
  • Shuttle and data wheel
The PCM-500/700 supports shuttle speeds from +/-0.5 to +/-8 times, accessed via the easy to use tactile shuttle wheel. The Data wheel allows quick access to set-up menus, allowing all aspects of the machine’s operation to be matched to the user’s requirements.
  • Reliable mechanism
The front loading mechanism uses a four motor design, together with advanced servo control systems. The four motor design allows independent control of tape tension, reel take-up, capstan speed and head rotation guaranteeing the highest standard of reliability and precision.
  • Comprehensive sub-code recording
The PCM-R500/700 also support index numbering, for numbering program items. It is possible to record and edit the position of IDs without affecting the audio recording. The PCM-R500/700 also feature a sophisticated auto-detect mechanism to insert audio IDs when silence is detected. This includes both threshold and time interval setting adjustment, for optimum performance with different program material.


  • Power requirements AC 220-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption 37W
  • Dimensions 482(W) x 145(H) x 355(D) All dimensions in mm
  • Analogue Input (1) XLR balanced
  • Analogue Input (2) Phono unbalanced
  • Analogue Output (1) XLR balanced
  • Analogue Output (2) Phono unbalanced
  • Digital in (1) XLR AES/EBU
  • Digital Out (1) XLR AES/EBU
  • Digital in (2) Phono IEC 958 type 2
  • Digital Out (2) Phono IEC 958 type 2
  • Parallel Remote 8 pin DIN
  • Phones 1/4 inch phone jack With separate volume control


*This item is BRAND NEW - not refurbished. It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty.

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